FROM IZZY’S OLDEST FRIEND; Thank you Bob Daisley .

Knoxy Has Left the Building.
When we first met at High School
Back in nineteen sixty two
It seemed as though you knew me
And that I already knew you

We shared a lot – like family
Throughout those fifty-two years
But all things, as they say, must pass
And some must end in tears

And naturally, the tears must flow
And the loss will leave a scar
But it’s not the final curtain
It’s only au revoir

Izzy Foreal – Is he for real?
You were as real as real can be
Funny, smart and down-to-earth
And now you’ve been set free

You spread laughter, love and light
Wherever you did roam
And now that love and light
Has welcomed you back home

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo my dear friend,
Bob Daisley

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