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A brief indulgence in this shot. It is me at Izzy’s funeral. Held tight by my very longtime friend and sista Rob Q. 4 months on and the year has been incomprehensible. I managed to get through his Funeral and then the turmoil of trying to decide what to do and the clashes with his Girls. But sometime in September , it beat me and I 000 ed it to hospital, was given 12 1/2 minutes to live and intubated. More than 2 weeks later I woke up – a little bit at a time with family and friends gathered and unable to move or speak. This blog is about Izzy so I won’t be writing much more about me – but I just wanted you to have some background on what has been happening here. I have a lot lot of photos and videos of Izzy We laughed at taking so many but now I am mightily glad of it.  I am posting them in all manner of order and topic.  They say REST IN PEACE but this is IZZY and I say LET ‘ER RIP, IZ. Let it all rip.



On one of our trips South to Eden we stopped in at the Hippy Sticks Shop in Bodalla. The little towns down there on the South Coast still have the flavour and magic that the North Coast seems to have lost and Hippie Sticks is a colourful place . Takes me back to the 70s. Izzy had a fan or two there in Bodalla and we had a ball.